3 Small Business Insurance Coverage You Should Have

3 Small Business Insurance Coverage You Should HaveProtect your business from the most common types of perils that exist for your kind of business.

Your small business took blood, sweat, and many tears to bring to life. But even before the first employee is hired your business faces many risks which can easily leave it to rest in pieces before you can use the big scissors to introduce the world to your amazing business (and we know how much you’ve been yearning to use those big scissors). Here are three small business insurance policies you should really consider purchasing to give your business the best shot at succeeding.

  1. General Liability Insurance

Every business needs to have liability insurance, whether you’re a small home-based business with a tiny office or a conglomerate with over 1,000 stores across the nation. This policy covers you and your business if your products or services are alleged to have caused bodily or property damage to a third party.

  1. Worker’s Compensation

This insurance provides your workers with insurance should they get injured or ill while on the job. Worker’s comp provides wage replacement and medical benefits while your employee recovers from the injury they sustained at work. In exchange for benefits, your employee gives up their right to pursuit any legal action against your business.

  1. Property Insurance

If your business takes up some volume in the fabric of space-time, you definitely need property insurance. This protects this space and everything in it, including office equipment, computers, inventory, and tools from risks like fire, storms, theft, and vandalism.

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