Get Hunting: Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure Dallas TXLearn About Your City With This Fun Event

Get moving on an urban adventure this summer by participating in Dallas’s Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. From sunrise to sunset on any day until July 26th, the city of Dallas becomes a giant game board across which a scavenger hunt adventure will be played. Blending Amazing-Race level excitement with a tour of our great city, you and your team of up to five players will use your smartphones to navigate this hunt.

You and your team can play anytime during daylight hours. When you play, expect to discover new gems in your city, be challenged in exciting competitions, and feel triumphant when you solve clues. Start anytime, play at the pace you want, and learn about Dallas with your friends in this exciting scavenger hunt!

You can save 20 percent so that your team can sign up for just $39.20 with a promotion code VISITDALLAS. Head here to learn more.

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