Apps & Auto Insurance For Your Next Road Trip

Apps & Auto Insurance For Your Next Road TripYour next road trip will be a lot better with these apps and auto insurance!

Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or just want to use your vacation days to get away from it all, you might be heading out on a road trip. That’s a slight risk, since the roadways can be pretty crazy around the holidays. Fortunately, with these handy apps and your auto insurance, you can rest easy knowing your road trip is covered!


This free app has become popular because with it, other drivers on the road can let you know about what lies ahead. Because other people ahead of you are reporting issues on the road in real time, Waze can help you make the right choice, road-wise.

Road Trippers

If your ultimate goal isn’t to arrive to your destination as fast as possible, you might be hoping to hit some points of interest along the way. Road Trippers can help you do just that by mapping your way from start to finish with some fun stops in between.

With these apps and great auto insurance coverage, your next road trip will be a breeze! To make sure your Texas car coverage is up to the task of your holiday travels, contact VGW Walker Insurance today.