Are You Underinsured When It Comes to Your Auto Insurance?

If you are relying on auto insurance minimums, you are underinsured.Are You Underinsured When It Comes to Your Auto Insurance?

As a car owner, you probably recognize the importance of having the right auto insurance protections in place. However, if you are like many other drivers, you may not know how much auto coverage you actually need. If you are relying on a policy that only offers you insurance minimums, chances are you are severely underinsured. Here’s what you need to know about auto insurance minimums and how you can secure the coverage you actually need.

Underinsured on Insurance Minimums

In reality, there is no specific coverage amount that separates the well-insured from the underinsured. However, if you are simply relying on insurance minimums, you are likely underinsured for almost every car-related accident you might face. Keep in mind that being underinsured means that the cost of a claim will come directly out of your pocket. So, if your policy only offers you minimal insurance, you may want to increase your coverage limits to reduce your risk and save you from paying for auto claims on your own.

Increasing Your Limits

In general, it is very easy to raise your auto insurance coverage limits. Normally, all it takes is a call to your insurance agent. If you are not sure how much you should increase your limits, ask your agent for their professional advice. They should be able to offer you different suggestions and explain how each will affect your premiums. Increasing your coverage limits will raise your premiums, however, this is worth it to secure the comprehensive auto protection that you need.

If you are currently relying on minimal insurance coverages, it’s time to upgrade your auto policy.  For assistance with your auto insurance, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas for assistance today.