Annuities vs. Life Insurance

Austin Annuities and Life InsuranceAre you one of the many individuals wondering what is the difference between life insurance and annuities? We understand this can be a complex subject, so we have formulated this compare and contrast informational piece for your convenience:

Main Reason for Buying…

  • Annuities – Annuities are purchased to ensure you do not outlive your income and to accumulate tax-deferred income over the years.
  • Life Insurance – These policies provide your dependents with financial stability when you pass.

Pays Out When…

  • Annuities – After the term of your annuity expires
  • Life Insurance – When you pass away

Pays Out in the Form of…

  • Annuities – Deferred annuities pay out in a single sum of income, whereas immediate annuities provide a lifetime of income
  • Life Insurance – Paid out in a single sum to your dependents

Typical Age to Purchase Ranges From…

  • Annuities – Typically purchased in between an individual’s 40s and 80s, but are beneficial for individuals of all ages. The sooner you purchase the more income you will accrue.
  • Life Insurance – Typically purchased anywhere from 25-60, but like annuities, it is most beneficial to the consumer when purchased early on in life.

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