Insuring Your Leased Car to the Fullest

Austin Auto Insurance Leased CarsLeasing a car is a great way to save money on monthly car payments while still enjoying the ride of your dreams. However, many motorists wrongly assume that they do not need the same auto insurance when leasing a car.

In actuality, when you lease a car, you will be required to obtain more auto insurance coverage than the state limits. This is because the dealership is expecting the car to fit someone else’s future needs once you are done with it.

When leasing a car, you will not only be required to fulfill the state’s minimum liability requirements, but you will also be required to obtain collision and comprehensive coverage as well. Some leasing companies even require gap insurance to ensure that you are able to pay the difference if the car becomes totaled or damaged beyond repair. However, they give you a break and include this coverage in your monthly payments as opposed to making you obtain a separate policy altogether.

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