Preparing for Both Naughty & Nice Holiday Work Party Guests

Austin Business Insurance and Holiday PartiesShowing your appreciation for your staff each year with a holiday party is a tradition you simply do not want to give up; however, it is imperative that you reduce your liability risks to account for both naughty and nice holiday guests. Rather than allowing one mistake to leave your business with a hefty liability claim, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • We suggest hosting your work party at an off-site location such as a restaurant to pass off the liability risks to that establishment. This will allow you to avoid increasing your liability limits to account for the increased risks.
  • Rather than showing your appreciation with an open bar, provide each individual with a drink ticket or two so that alcohol consumption is limited.
  • If there will be alcohol served, you must arrange safe rides home. We suggest requiring each individual who picks up a drink at the bar to hand over their keys so you can be sure of their safety. Calling a taxi service in advance is also beneficial because they can send a load of cars right when your festivities conclude.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas business insurance needs. Allow us to assist in reducing your liability risks so that you can enjoy your holiday work party with peace of mind.