Flood Insurance for Ultimate Protection

Austin Flood InsuranceFlood insurance is one of the most overlooked insurance policies, despite how completely necessary it is. As the rainy season is almost upon us, it becomes increasingly more important that we provide our homes with ultimate protection.

Despite common neglect, your homeowners’ insurance policy specifically excludes flood damage coverage. Your homeowners’ insurance policy will only provide you with water damage coverage for water that never sees the great outdoors, such as a burst pipe. The only way to receive protection against outside waters invading your home is through a separate flood insurance policy. However, with the rainy season just around the corner, it is important to note that these policies take 30 days to become active for homeowners.

We want you to enjoy the holiday season without a worry in the world, stressing the importance of obtaining all the vital insurance policies before it is too late. Contact VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas homeowners’ insurance needs. We can help you obtain flood insurance that will safeguard your home to the fullest.