Safeguarding Your Home to the Fullest

Austin Home InventoryWe all store our most prized possessions in our home, assuming that is where they are safest. However, with holiday packages being delivered on an almost daily basis, criminals are patiently waiting to invade. There are a variety of ways in which you can further protect your home, including:

  • Without a home inventory, there is no way for you to confirm all stolen items. A home inventory with appraisal notes, receipts, and pictures is the only way to receive full compensation for your belongings. If you have any items of particular value, you may want to consider seeking scheduled personal property coverage.
  • Speaking of full compensation, you must opt for replacement cost, because actual cost value will only reimburse you with the amount minus depreciation calculations.
  • Most importantly, partake in safe habits. Announcing your vacation plans on social media is probably not a smart decision, as is leaving your mail to pile up when you are gone. Always be diligent in safeguarding your home to the fullest.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas homeowners’ insurance needs. We can help you by safeguarding your home to the fullest and providing you with scheduled personal property coverage if need be.