Common Contractor Scams to Be Aware Of

Austin Homeowners Insurance and ContractorsWhen you are hiring a contractor to conduct home upgrades on your house, it is imperative that you work with a reliable, insured, and licensed contractor. There are a variety of common scams out there that can leave you without the outcome you were hoping for and invested in. We want you to get the best bang for your buck, which is why we have gathered a list of the most common scams to keep an eye out for:

  • If a contractor requests large sums as prepayment, turn the other way. This may mean they are getting enough to run with.
  • Some contractors looking to increase their profit will actually create phony damage while inspecting your home, or make already-existing damage worse.
  • If you notice a bunch of cheap materials in the contractor’s truck, it is time to turn the other way.
  • Any contractor that offers to pay your insurance deductible has something up their sleeve and is only trying to finalize the transaction.

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