Do You Understand Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Austin Homeowners Insurance PolicyHomeowners who are unaware of what is covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy run the risk of not receiving enough coverage. Each homeowner’s insurance policy is unique, stressing the importance of understanding what is covered and for how much. Without knowing what is specifically excluded from your homeowners’ insurance policy, there is no way for you to safeguard your home to the fullest.

Despite common assumption of more coverage, the standard homeowners’ insurance policy will provide you with coverage for your home’s structure, liability claims, additional living expenses, and your personal belongings within the home for a limited amount. Therefore, if you have any expensive items, chances are, they are excluded from your homeowners’ insurance policy.

It is extremely important that you understand what natural disasters are covered perils on your policy. Did you know that your standard homeowners’ insurance policy would not provide you with coverage from damages caused by floods, earthquakes, or mudslides?

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