Life Insurance 101

Austin Life Insurance PoliciesDespite common neglect, life insurance is one of the most important policies an individual can hold. Life insurance is a safeguard for your loved ones after you pass. Without a life insurance policy in place, you leave your family’s finances unplanned and vulnerable. As important as life insurance is, we find it is necessary to give you a quick life insurance refresher:

Whole Life Insurance

  • Financial protection for the rest of your lifetime
  • Never-ending coverage
  • Accrues cash value
  • Stable premiums
  • Medical exam required for determining premium amount
  • Best for individuals who have long term needs for life insurance

Term Life Insurance

  • Financial protection for an allotted period of time
  • Coverage ends when term ends
  • Does not build cash value
  • Fluctuating premiums
  • Typically, no medical exam required
  • More affordable for the Average Joe
  • Best for individuals who have temporary needs for life insurance

Contact VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas life insurance needs. We can assist in determining whether a whole life insurance policy or term life insurance policy would best suit your needs.