How Smoking Affects Your Life Insurance Rates

Austin Life Insurance RatesObtaining life insurance is an extremely important step in life. It allows you to feel confident in the future security of those you love most. However, if you partake in risky lifestyle habits, such as smoking, getting the premium you want may be difficult.

When it comes to smoking and life insurance, companies are forced to offer elevated rates since the mortality rate of those who smoke and consume nicotine is dramatically increased. However, if you have quit smoking for three or more years, your life insurance company will give you a break, commending your ability to break the habit with the same premium as a nonsmoker.

While you may think that you will just escape elevated premiums by fibbing your way out, if a severe health concern arises in the future and your smoking habit is the cause, your life insurance policy can choose to reject coverage, despite all those years of investing in the policy. It is never a good idea to withhold important information to your insurance company because you will find that you are left without protection when you need it most.

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