Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Austin Personal Umbrella InsuranceMany individuals fail to take advantage of the guaranteed security an umbrella insurance policy provides, assuming that their standard personal insurance policies will suffice. Despite popular notion, umbrella insurance policies provide the ultimate safeguard. For a small increase of your current premium amount, you can receive $1 million in extra liability coverage. You may ask, why would I need $1 million in liability protection? The following are a few very common situations where an umbrella policy would be necessary to avoid financial hardship:

  • It is unlikely that the liability limits of your auto insurance policy would suffice if you were involved in a multi-vehicle car accident. Imagine if three people were injured in a car accident you caused. You would benefit from the extra layer of protection umbrella insurance provides.
  • Chances are the liability limits of your homeowners’ insurance policy would not suffice if someone was seriously injured on your property and then decided to sue you.
  • While your furry family member may be sweet now, imagine how your pet would react if they felt that you were being threatened. Dog bite liability claims can be extremely costly.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas personal insurance needs. You deserve the extra layer of protection an umbrella insurance policy provides.