Successfully Settling An Auto Insurance Accident Claim

auto insurance and settling an accident

When To Involve Insurance And When Not To – That Is The Question

If you are involved in an accident, you may be inclined to settle everything without involving your auto insurance. However, when it comes to auto insurance and settling an accident, there is a time and a place. We want you to find ease in settling a claim, which is why we have gathered these important yes and no guidelines:

When to Involve Auto Insurance

  • Excessive damage calls for auto insurance involvement, as these damages will likely exceed your deductible amount.
  • Anytime an injury is involved, you must call your auto insurance agent.
  • If the at-fault is urging you to go to his mechanic or allow him to fix the car himself, go to your insurance company, just to be safe.
  • Most importantly, if the other driver is offering you cash reimbursement without seeing an estimate first, call your insurance agent.

When to Skip Auto Insurance Involvement

  • If the accident is minor and a mechanic’s estimate will likely be less than your deductible, it may not be necessary to file an official claim.
  • Accidents where no one else is involved, such as a minor bump with your garage door, can typically be handled without your insurance company.
  • Most importantly, you must be able to trust the at-fault driver has the funds to cover the damages.

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