Auto Insurance: Getting a Speeding Ticket & It’s Consequences

Auto Insurance: Getting a Speeding Ticket & It’s ConsequencesThough it can be very unnerving, you have to remember that you aren’t the first one to get a speeding ticket, and you most certainly won’t be the last.

The good news is that if you are over 25 and this is the only ticket on your record, chances are it will make little to no difference on your auto insurance premium rate. The bad news is that you have a speeding ticket and a blemish in your record. With that in mind, speeding tickets aren’t something that you should actively seek out; Vin Diesel made driving away from the police look a lot easier than it actually is. Never drive away from the police! Here are some answers to common questions regarding speeding tickets and auto insurance.

How will the ticket affect my insurance in the short term?

While it may vary from company to company, speeding tickets don’t have an immediate effect on your car insurance premiums. This is because insurance companies don’t look at your driving record every single month, just at the time when your contract is initially purchased. When your renewal time comes, your rates are likely to increase as well.

Why would it affect my insurance to begin with?

It’s quite simple actually: it is because your insurance company will now see you as a high-risk driver. Insurance is all about statistics. Because drivers with tickets tend to be involved in more accidents, they cost more to insure. Whether you like it or not, you are now within that category. Your rates will go up to help the company offset the increased risk of you filing a claim in the future.

Speeding tickets happen; we’re only human. With that in mind, having the right auto insurance policy can help to give you the peace of mind that you need while you’re on the road. Contact the independent insurance professionals at VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas car insurance needs to keep you safe.