Lessons Your Teen Didn’t Learn In Driver’s Ed

Auto Insurance TexasWhat Your Teen Needs To Learn Before Heading Out The Door

While enrolling your teen into defensive driving courses is extremely important, there are a handful of crucial measures and lessons that simply cannot be taught in a class. To ensure their safety and enhance your own confidence, be sure to cover these lessons:

  • Your teen should know how to check their tire pressure and tire tread depth. Show them the penny trick and take them to your local gas station to show them how to add some air to the tires.
  • If your teen were to breakdown on the road, would they know what steps to take? It is important to teach them how to call for roadside assistance and let them know who is safe to accept help from during this stressful time.
  • Does your teen know how to check their oil and add some extra if necessary? Teaching them this essential task will only take a couple minutes, but will make their lives much easier down the road.

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