Be Safe and Insured Before You Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski can be exciting and adventurous. However, there is always that risk of something going wrong even on a seemingly ordinary day. The speed and power of a jet ski make you vulnerable to accidents, and you should keep certain precautions in mind before you speed off!


Get insured before you Jet Ski

Here are some safety tips you should follow:

Standard Equipment

The U.S. Coast Guard classifies jet skis as a Class A vessel, so ensure that your jet ski is fitted with the right equipment. The standard equipment required would be a fire extinguisher approved by the Coast Guard, a flame arrestor for backfires, proper ventilation, a horn or whistle for signaling, a vehicle registration with decals that are well displayed, and a life vest.

Safety Course

To learn more about your jet ski, it is advisable to take a course in boating safety. It will help you operate the jet ski better, and might also make you eligible for a personal watercraft insurance discount.

If you are a beginner, avoid busy waters as there is more risk of an accident. Choose a secluded area and familiarize yourself with the functioning of a jet ski.

Drive Defensively

Even if you are experienced, it pays to be a defensive jet ski driver. Controlling a high-powered jet ski is tough as it would move 300 feet before stopping. Never allow an untrained driver to handle your jet ski. Accidents apart, there could be legal implications in case of an accident.

To enjoy and ensure a safe jet ski experience, make sure you follow these tips. Need more information on insurance? Contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas today. We look forward to helping you with all your coverage needs.