Are You & Your Boat Really Protected?

Boat Insurance TexasGetting The Right Coverage On The Water

It is unfortunately common for boat owners to believe that their boats are covered by their homeowners insurance and/or auto insurance. While your auto insurance may protect your boat while it is in tow and your home insurance might protect small, engineless vessels, the majority of boats require additional coverage.

When your boat is in the water, you need a separate boat insurance policy to protect your vessel—and yourself—against liability, theft, or physical damage to your boat. Fortunately, an expert agent can work with you to tailor a policy to your unique vessel and its unique use.

By carrying boat insurance, you anchor your financial wellbeing. These policies ensure that the money you have invested in your boat is never swept away by the waters or events out on them, while also protecting you if someone injured on your boat decides to take you to court for the damages.

If you have questions about the right Texas boat insurance to best protect your vessel, contact VGW Walker Insurance.