Work On Wellness In Your Workplace

Business Insurance Van Alstyne TXHere are a few ways to cultivate a healthier staff.

Workplace wellness is not something on which you should focus just to feel good about your business. A healthy staff will mean increased productivity and fewer medical expenses for your business. To help you foster workplace wellness, here are a few easy things your business can do.

  • Get Moving: Hold walking meetings, stand at your desk, and find other ways to model movement in the workday for your staff.
  • Focus Your Efforts: If you try to address every area of healthy living, you’ll feel overwhelmed. Instead, focus on the big three: eating right, smoking cessation, and physical activity. Put healthier snacks in the break room, do a charity walk as a team, and start a “stop smoking” program at work.
  • Keep Track: All of us know how easy it is to get excited about healthy living, then lose steam as we actually try to do it. Combat this in your workplace by measuring your progress. Resources like the CDC’s Worksite Health ScoreCard can help!

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