Camping Safety Gear 101

Camping Safety GearWhen you head out on your family camping trip, bring this along.  

Can you believe summer is almost over? We blinked, and suddenly there are only a few more weekends of warm weather left! Fortunately, you can take advantage of the remaining sunny days and warm evenings by camping with your family. When you do, make sure you bring along these necessities.

  • Emergency Kit: Ideally, when you camp you’ll be far away from the busyness of life. That may also mean you’re far away from medical help, though. To ensure you can handle any situation that comes your way, bring an emergency kit stocked with first aid necessities, a flashlight and extra batteries, extra water and, of course, duct tape.
  • Tent: When you’re out in the woods, your tent will be your only defense against the elements. Invest in a good one that will trap heat and resist water to ensure your camping experience is a pleasant one.
  • Water Bottles: This may seem minor, but being without easy access to clean water will be a major shift. If you are unsure what kind of water will be available at your campsite, bring gallon jugs stocked with clean water along on your trip.

We hope this guide helps you camp safely! To safeguard all your most important assets, contact the Texas insurance experts at VGW Walker Insurance today!