How to Lower Car Insurance Costs for High School Students

Car insurance for teens is something that many parents dread due to the additional expense. However, for high school students, getting their driver’s license and driving a car is the independence they generally crave. Parents who have teens who are learning how to drive or who have already started driving may make their insurance premiums more affordable if they shop around and compare what different companies have to offer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before getting a car insurance for your high school kid:

1. Compare the Rates

Car insurance for high school students is a significant purchase. You need to do your research and make every dime count. Even if you have had the same insurance company for years and they always seem to do the right thing, they may not be so lenient when you add a teenager to your car insurance policy. Take a few moments and compare your existing policy to quotes that you are getting from other companies. Shopping around may give you a bargaining tool to use to lower your premiums with your current company or purchase a policy from a brand-new company and start over.

2. Improve Your Grades

Good student discounts are another way insurance company can give parents a way to save a few extra dollars every month. As long as students maintain their good grades, their parents will continue at their current low premiums. Students who can hold a higher than average grade point average are thought to be more responsible and, in turn, will hopefully be better drivers. Encouraging children to do their best in studies is a great way to keep them motivated, ensuring better grades and, consequently, lower insurance premiums.

3. Complete a Driving Course

High school students who take an accredited driver’s education course certified by their school will also receive benefits from their insurance carrier. A driver’s education class offers hands-on training where the students get to utilize their driving skills in various situations. Students can sign up and take the class during their summer break or as part of their regular coursework during the school year. Either way, the credit they receive will be recorded with the insurance company validating the student’s course completion.

4. Drive Safe

Safe driver discounts are available with many top insurance carriers. Teens who have driven for years without a ticket or an accident may qualify for an additional safe driver discount, saving even more money off their monthly premium. Staying safe on the road and avoiding distractions is essential for all age groups. Texting, changing radio settings, or even chatting with friends while in the passenger seat can be a distraction.

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