Simple Steps To Avoid A Hot Car This Summer

Car Insurance Van Alstyne TXCar Cooling Tips

Even though September is just a few days away, the hot summer temperatures are still hanging around. The heat is most evident each time you get into your car after it has been sitting for a while. To help avoid a hot car this season, keep these tips in mind.

  • Block your windows – if the sun cannot get through your windows, it cannot heat your car as much. Put up your sun shade whenever you park and try to find covered parking wherever you are.
  • Cover your seats – while leather seats are a luxury, they can also cause a burned backside. Invest in cloth seat covers or cover your seats with a towel when you get out of your car to help keep your back cool.
  • Use your a/c wisely – as soon as you get into your vehicle, turn the air conditioner on full blast and roll down the windows. Once your car has cooled down, roll the windows back up and use the recirculating feature to keep your car cool.

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