Determining Your Need For Commercial Coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance TexasWhen Your Personal Auto Insurance Is Not Enough

As a business owner, it can be tricky to determine where work stops and the rest of your life starts. In fact, the lines between work and time off have likely blurred and you may have stopped making that distinction altogether. Unfortunately, if you have applied that mentality to your auto insurance coverage you could be left exposed.

If you are using your personal vehicle for work, your personal auto insurance may be insufficient. When, exactly, is it time to invest in a commercial auto insurance policy to protect your business?

If you are using your vehicle to carry goods, equipment, or people for your business; if you use your vehicle regularly to conduct a service; if you rely on it to transport yourself and your team for business; or you are generally using your car for work daily, you should talk to your agent. These uses might result in your being denied coverage by your existing auto insurer if you get into a work-related accident, so it is important to also carry commercial coverage.

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