Creating an Emergency Car Kit

Creating an Emergency Car Kit

Creating an Emergency Car Kit

For many drivers, having their car break down is a nightmare situation.  However, you need to be prepared for the worst.  That’s why you should keep an emergency kit in your car at all times.  Not sure where to start when building your emergency kit?  Here are some must-have items for your kit.

Phone Charger

The only thing worse than having your car break down is getting stranded because your phone died.  That’s why you should keep a spare phone charger in your emergency kit.  This will allow you to call for help if you need it.

Jumper Cables

You should always keep jumper cables in your car.  Not only can you use them to jumpstart your car, but you can also use them to help another down-on-their-luck driver.


This is a particularly important item for your emergency kit when the weather starts to get colder.  Additionally, having a blanket on hand can also help you transport heavy things or protect your seats.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

If your car breaks down at night, having a flashlight will obviously help you see.  Even during the day, having a flashlight can help you check your engine and underneath your car.  Along with your flashlight, you should also keep extra batteries on hand just in case your flashlight dies on you.

First Aid Kit

You should keep a first aid kit in your car at all times.  Your first aid kit should include things like aspirin, bandages, and alcohol wipes.

Drinking Water

Despite being an obvious emergency provision, many drivers do not keep an emergency supply of water in their car.  You should always have water on hand in case your get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Non-Perishable Food

Along with water, having non-perishable foods should be a no-brainer.  Having food on hand will help you if you ever get stranded, and can even serve as an emergency pick me up when you’re driving and feel your blood sugar levels start to drop.

These are just a few key items that should be in your car’s emergency kit.  Want another way to be prepared for any driving situation that comes your way?  Then make sure you have the right insurance protection in place.  To get the auto coverage you need, contact VGW Walker Insurance in Texas.  Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.