Life Hacks: Cutting Down On Your Electricity Bill

Cutting Down On Your Electricity BillYour electricity bill could come as an awful monthly surprise even after you think you’ve tried everything, but here are some tips that could really make a difference.

The entire structure of our society depends on energy. We currently rely on fossil fuel to provide energy to our homes. Right now, it’s the cheapest way to create all the energy we humans want to live but, at times, even that cost can come as a ghastly surprise. If you have just received your power bill and it’s causing you to break out into a cold sweat, wipe your forehead because here are three ways in which you can lower your electricity bill!

  1. The right light – Light bulbs of old used a tungsten filament through which an electrical current passed to deliver us the light. Now, light bulbs are leaving behind this old method and using light emitting diodes (LED) to provide our homes with light. These are more energy efficient, plus they last longer.
  2. Manage your air conditioning – If you’re one of those people that cannot seem to function without an air conditioner, then your bill is probably crazy-expensive. Air conditioning can be a lifesaver from the scorching summer sun, but you’ll use a lot of electricity for this deliverance. The colder the air, the higher the electricity. Turn it up to a nice 75 degrees and keep it there to keep your bill low.
  3. Turn off when not in use – Appliances use energy even on stand-by and, on average, account for a whopping 5 percent of all power consumption. Remember, appliances that are not in use—but plugged into the wall—are still using energy. If your chargers aren’t connected to the light switch, make sure to disconnect them when you leave the house!

Electricity is something we all depend on to maintain our current lifestyles. Shorts and malfunctions have been known to cause fires, so having the right homeowners insurance policy may help you in case of any unfortunate accident. Contact the independent insurance professionals at VGW Walker Insurance in Austin for all of your Texas insurance needs.