Security Measures For Smartphone Users

Cyber Liability Insurance TexasCyber Liability Risks Associated With Smartphones

When you take a stroll down the street or in a public place, how many smartphones do you see? Due to the rate at which technology advances today, nearly every individual has a smart device with them at all times. While this has provided us with enhanced convenience, it is important that we take proactive measures to protect ourselves on these devices. Keep these cyber liability risks in mind:

  • Did you know that over half of smartphone users do not have a PIN or key lock code on their phones? This is extremely dangerous, as that 4 digit code is the only thing keeping criminals from infiltrating your phone.
  • Rather than keeping your sensitive information and data on your phone, be sure to keep everything stored remotely to ensure safety. That way, if someone does get a hold of your phone, they will not have immediate access to everything important.
  • Many smartphone users enjoy online shopping from the convenience of their devices, but it is important that you do not store your personal information on these websites. This includes your user names, passwords, and credit card numbers.

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