5 Apps to Save Money & Time When Grocery Shopping

Dallas Apps for Groceries

With all the daily demands of life, grocery shopping can be both time consuming and inconvenient. In order to simplify this errand, consider downloading these 5 phone apps that will save you both time and money:

  1. ZipList – This incredibly helpful app will help you avoid impulse buys by making a master list of groceries you commonly purchase. The master list will then be organized by aisle of your particular grocery store, for your convenience.
  2. Weekly Ads & Sales – This phone app will help you plan your menus around current sales.
  3. Grocery IQ – This app will sync coupons for items on your grocery list.
  4. SavingStar – This app will register all of your loyalty cards and provide you with offers through the app.
  5. Cellfire – This app is for the unorganized shopper who dislikes making a grocery list. This app will directly save coupons under your card’s information so that when you scan your loyalty card, there are coupons waiting for you at checkout.

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