4 Dangerous Driving Distractions To Avoid

Dallas Auto Insurance

Car accidents are rising because of the growing rate of distractions available. Being distracted on the road is a serious problem for teen drivers and even adult drivers. Here are some safe driving tips to help you avoid these common driving distractions while you’re behind the wheel.

  1. Using a cellphone while driving is the top distraction for most drivers and it isn’t surprising. Studies show that cellphone distraction can cause as much delayed reaction as being under the influence of alcohol. Avoid the danger and switch your phone off while you’re driving.
  2. Your car stereo can cause some serious distraction. Avoid changing the dial on your stereo while driving to stay safe.
  3. Experts agree that passengers are one of the more serious driving distractions causing about 7000 accidents a year. Turning around to talk can put you and the passengers life in potential danger.
  4. GPS devices are helpful when trying to get to your destination but operating these devices while driving can be as dangerous as using your cellphone. Try operating your navigation device while the car is stopped.

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