3 Apps to Avoid Texting & Driving

Woman Texting on Phone and Driving CarOur heavy dependence on technology only calls for more technology to control our habitual use of technology – when will the madness end? Nearly every state has a law enacted to ban texting and cell phone use behind the wheel. Each year, thousands of people die due to distracted driving. Now that you’re sending your teens out on the open road by themselves, you may have an increased interest on how to prevent them from texting behind the wheel. Compiled is a list of 3 life-saving applications that can end this dangerous practice:

  • Textecution – For a one-time charge of $30, you can cut off your teen’s texting ability once their car is moving at more than 10 MPH. The only way to override the disabled phone is with a parent or employer approval through the request system. (Android Friendly)
  • tXtBlocker – For $6.00 a month, you can install this life-saving device for a single user. You choose at which times of day and which locations to disable texts and phones. (Smartphone Friendly)
  • AT&T DriveMode – This free app automatically sends a busy notification to drivers. This app must be manually enabled, so this becomes more voluntary.

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