4 Boating Safety Tips

safe boating tips in DallasBefore you head out on the open water after months of waiting for the boating season, be sure to follow the necessary safety tips to ensure your boat trip is memorable for the right reasons. Take these 4 boating safety tips into consideration before embarking on your next boat trip:

  1. Life Jacket – Always wear your life jacket when the boat is in motion. If you are thrown overboard in an accident, there won’t be time for you to retrieve your stowed life jacket. Simplify things and always wear it.
  2. Don’t Drink & Boat – Alcohol and boating simply don’t mix. Leave the alcohol on shore.
  3. Safety Course – Take a safety course so that you can be better equipped to handle an emergency situation. You will be able to get better acquainted with the entire process and will be proficient in boating safety regulations.
  4. Check your boat – Make sure everything is running properly so you don’t get stranded out on the water.

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