What You Need To Know About Obamacare

Dallas Health Insurance

With all the various implications surrounding Obamacare, many Americans are left confused about what requirements they must comply with and how their insurance will change. We understand this can be a daunting subject, and that is why we will dispel some common misconceptions:

  • Did you know that you cannot sign up for health insurance any day you please? You are now required to apply for health insurance during the open enrollment period. The next time you can sign up is in between November 15, 2014 and February 15, 2015.
  • If you are not signed up for an Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plan, you will receive a penalty.
  • If you miss the open enrollment period, you must wait until the following enrollment period.
  • There are however a variety of special circumstances that may make you eligible for the special enrollment period. These exceptions include moving to new state with different requirements, marriage, having a child, adopting a child, and many other unique circumstances.

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