5 Costly Lifestyle Habits That Boost Life Insurance Prices

Dallas Life Insurance costsDid you know that your lifestyle habits affect the amount you pay for a life insurance policy? Life insurance is a necessity if anyone depends on you financially. You may be avoiding investing in your life insurance policy because of the costs, but it is well worth it for the financial security. Make sure you’re not increasing your life insurance policy by avoiding these 5 costly lifestyle habits:

  1. Do you smoke? Tobacco users have a higher risk of illness and death so your life insurance will most definitely be more expensive if you smoke.
  2. Are you overweight? Likewise to tobacco use, those who are overweight are more susceptible to disease and death so expect a price boost.
  3. Have you been in multiple accidents? Do you have tons of traffic violations piling up? Expect a high life insurance rate.
  4. If cardiovascular disease, cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, substance abuse, or depression runs in your family or if you have any of the stated, expect a higher price.
  5. If you partake in any dangerous activities or work in a dangerous profession, expect a higher life insurance price.

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