5 Pest Control Tips For Summer

Dallas Pest Control for Homeowners

While you may be feeling more energetic during the summer, so do bothersome house pests. In order to ensure that your home remains free of unwanted guests, incorporate these 5 helpful tips:

  1. Refrain from leaving out any standing water inside your home. You may want to put your pets’ water bowls outside too.
  2. Each year, pick a date where you seal all cracks and holes to eliminate entry ways for unwanted guests.
  3. During the summer months, it becomes increasingly more important to clean up after ourselves. Be sure to thoroughly clean any spills or messes.
  4. Arrange a date each year where a professional comes to the house and identifies any problem areas. This small fee will be much less expensive than an extermination.
  5. Most importantly, know the signs of specific pests. Sawdust piles mean you may have a carpenter ant problem, whereas clusters of insect wings by entry ways means you have termites. Knowing these signs will help give you the power to eliminate an issue before it becomes a large scale problem.

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