Active Bodies & Minds All Summer Long

keep your family active this summerKeeping your children active all summer long is important to promote both physical and mental wellbeing. Take these 7 helpful tips into consideration to encourage active brains and bodies all summer long:

  1. Turn off the TV – Rather than sitting down to watch your favorite shows after dinner, go for a family walk or play a family game.
  2. Structure and Routine – You don’t have to go overboard with scheduling each hour, but enrolling your children in summer camp will continue their habit making skills. You may always want to set a specific time for outdoor play.
  3. Family Exercise – Have a set time a few days a week where the entire family participates in fun exercise. You may choose to go on a family hike each Sunday or play in the pool every other day for an hour at a time.
  4. Free Day Camps – Research local community organizations for any free camp days in your area.
  5. Make Exercise Fun – Consider enrolling your child in a summer sports program such as swimming or tennis.
  6. Exercise Toys – Make games and competitions out of jump roping or hula hooping.
  7. Friends – Exercising with friends makes it seem like plain ole’ fun!

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