10 Workplace Safety Tips

work place safety tips and Dallas workers compensationWorkplace safety cannot be stressed enough. Being injured on the job is not only a problem for the employee, but the employer as well. Take 10 these tips to heart to avoid any workplace injuries:

1)      Always be aware of your surroundings.

2)      As challenging as this common sense act may be, always keep correct posture, especially when at work.

3)      No matter how in the zone you may be, take breaks regularly.

4)      Never take any shortcuts and always use tools and machines properly.

5)      Emergency exits should always be easily accessible.

6)      If you witness any unsafe work conditions, report them to your supervisor immediately.

7)      Never carry something that is too heavy for you.

8)      NEVER work intoxicated.

9)      Reduce workplace stress by speaking to your advisor about any concerns you may have.

10)   Always wear the proper safety equipment.

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