Stow These Devices, Save Lives & Money

Stow These Devices, Save Lives & MoneyThese dangerous devices lead to distracted driving, causing accidents and costing you more in Texas auto insurance.

It’s no surprise to hear that distracted driving is dangerous. What is surprising, though, it that some devices—even those you might not guess—contribute to distracted driving. This, in turn, increases your likelihood of getting into an accident, which will increase your auto insurance costs.

Put away these devices that contribute to dangerous distracted driving, and you can help save a life and save yourself money on your Texas auto insurance.

  • Cellphones: We all know cellphones are dangerous behind the wheel (texting and driving has been banned in almost all states), yet people still use their cell while in drive! Do your part; stow yours.
  • Navigation Systems: Use the audio turn-by-turn directions instead of looking at your device’s display to avoid distracted driving.
  • Hands-Free Systems: Although they seem safe to use, studies show these systems can be distracting. It’s best to pull over if you need to make a call or text.

The good news is that putting away these devices helps you avoid an accident, and a history of safe driving helps you avoid expensive auto insurance premiums! To learn more about how you can save on your Texas coverage, contact VGW Walker Insurance.