Does Workers’ Comp Cover Employees That Work From Home?

Does Workers' Comp Cover Employees That Work From HomeWorking from home benefits employees and employers alike, but there are still risks need to be managed. 

With the turn of the new century, the workplace is experiencing a change in format. Today’s technology enables employees to work from literally anywhere in the world (as long as they have a good internet connection). For telecommuting employees, employees that work from home, this presents unprecedented freedom in choosing where to work and can save them big time on gas, and a significant portion of them are taking advantage of this perk. A 2015 poll showed that 37 percent of American workers telecommute–at least occasionally.

For employers, there are benefits to embracing the “work-from-anywhere” culture that. Allowing employees to work from home helps attract talent by boosting worker retention, lowering fixed costs, increasing employee productivity, and gaining access to employees from a wider geographical area the size of the entire planet. (And even Mars when we eventually land there! Though do plan on some lag time between phone calls.)

Though, as we all know, nothing good comes in this life without its risks. Just because they’re working from home, doesn’t mean you can forgo workers’ compensation.

Many employers don’t consider their employee’s risks from working from home. Sure, they’re working from home but they are still under your employment during these hours, and their work setup may not be the safest in the world. Covering your employees with workers’ comp doesn’t only protect them, but it also protects your business from potential lawsuits which could put your business at serious risk.

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