Should You Have Flood Insurance?

Should You Have Flood Insurance?Understanding your specific need for flood insurance coverage.

The recent flooding in our state is a stark reminder of just how much damage water can do. Whether your home was affected or you live across the state, these disasters probably left you thinking about your exposure to flood damage.

It’s important to note that your homeowners insurance policy most likely doesn’t cover you against flooding. It’s standard for home insurance to specifically exclude this type of protection, in fact!

In other words, if you face risk for flooding, you need a separate flood insurance policy. You can figure out your area’s specific exposure by referencing FEMA’s flood map service center. Talking to your insurance agent about the history of flood claims in your area can give you added insight.

If you do discover floods occur in your area, don’t wait to get coverage! Flood insurance policies require 30 days to take effect.

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