Happy Columbus Day!

Fun Facts About Columbus DayHappy Columbus Day! Today, we celebrate Columbus Day on the 13th of October, even though Columbus actually arrived on October 12th, 1492. Columbus Day is celebrated around the world, with different names for the holiday in varying countries. For instance, in Latin America, they have titled the day Día de la Raza.

Although this day has been celebrated since colonial times, it did not become a federal holiday until 1937, which was 31 years after the state of Colorado declared the day an official holiday. San Francisco is known for its annual Columbus Day parade, which started in 1868.

Other fun facts about Columbus Day include the fact that despite common belief, Columbus was actually born in Italy, even though he started his voyage in Spain. Additionally, many people refuse to celebrate the holiday due to the cruelty many indigenous people experienced following his voyage. After Columbus was buried after his death, his body was exhumed and re-buried in different places around the world.

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