Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Keep all your Halloween guests safe with these easy home safety tips.

Halloween is a day of costumes, candy, and fun.  However, an accidental injury could ruin Halloween for everyone involved.  This Halloween, minimize your risk of an accident by following these easy safety tips for your home.

Clear Walking Hazards

If an exuberant trick-or-treater trips while running up to your front door, it could be a nasty fall.  Prevent these types of accidents by clearing away any potential walking hazards.  For instance, if you have small figurines or other lawn decorations, you might want to consider removing them before Halloween night.  Additionally, if your front yard is covered with fallen leaves, you should rake them up.  Leaves can conceal dangers such as holes or protruding tree roots, and they can be slippery themselves.

Have Adequate Lighting

Not having enough lighting can also pose a risk for your Halloween visitors.  If you don’t already have a light by your front door, it might be a good time to invest in one.  If your pathway is ill-lit, then use a string of old Christmas lights to illuminate the way.  This is a festive and fun way to avoid possible disasters.

 Make Smart Decorating Decisions

If you want to decorate your home for Halloween, make sure you’re doing so safely.  For instance, if you are using jack-o-lanterns, avoid using a real candle.  While candles create a cool effect, they also increase your chances of setting your home, or something else, on fire.  Instead, use electric candles, tea lights, or other non-flame lighting sources to decorate.  Additionally, if you want to use props to decorate, make sure they are made of light rubber or plastic.  Having a real axe hanging above your door might not be the safest option this Halloween.

As you prepare you home for Halloween, make sure you keep these simple safety tips in mind.  Another way to ensure you have a safe Halloween is making sure you and your home have the right insurance coverage.  To find the right home insurance policy in Texas, contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance.  Our friendly professionals are ready to get you covered today!