Our Treat (No Tricks!): Halloween Safety Tips For Your Family

Halloween SafetyEnjoy a spooky but safe Halloween with these tips.

Halloween is almost here! We want you to be able to enjoy the holiday with just the right amount of scares (in other words, no real ones) so we’ve created this list of handy Halloween safety tips.

  • Carve Carefully: If you have yet to carve your pumpkins, consider having your kids draw their design on with a dry erase market, then carving yourself. Alternatively, you can paint rather than carve for colorful designs! When you light your jack o’lanterns, opt for battery-operated candles.
  • Manage Mischief-Doers: Keep your house well lit not just to make sure trick-or-treaters can approach safely, but also to prevent vandals. Also, park your car behind your home or in the garage so it won’t get “egged.”
  • Costume Care: Make sure your kids can trick-or-treat carefully and safely but adjusting their costumes. Trim too-long pants and dresses, widen eye holes in masks for better visibility, and switch out hard swords, broomsticks, etc. for soft ones.
  • Walk Wisely: When trick-or-treating, make sure you only cross at crosswalks and wait to walk until you’re sure the driver sees you. If your neighborhood isn’t well-lit, carry a lit flashlight with you.

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