Healthy Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

Keep your diet on track with these smart eating tips.people at Thanksgiving table

For dieters, the holidays pose a particular challenge.  With all the rich and delicious foods that are only served during the holiday months, it can be hard to resist temptation.  To help you get through Thanksgiving without completely ruining your diet, here are some of the suggestions that you should try.

  • Load Up of Fresh Produce

While you may be tempted to load up on the mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy, it’s always better to pile on the fresh fruits and vegetables.  For instance, make sure at least one-third of your plate consists of a fresh salad, crudité, or items off the fruit platter.  When you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, you are getting plenty of good vitamins and minerals without having to worry about extra butter, fats, or other ingredients.

  • Focus on Lean Protein

The star of most Thanksgiving dinners is a roasted turkey.  While many are worried about overindulging, turkey is actually an excellent source of lean protein.  Stick to the white meat, and feel free to fill up on this relatively low-cal Thanksgiving classic.

  • Don’t Completely Forgo Your Favorite Foods

Even if your favorite Thanksgiving dish is not that healthy, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of it completely.  Thanksgiving is all about enjoying yourself, and the last thing that you want is for your diet to ruin things.  Everything is fine in moderation, so don’t let your diet deprive you.

These are some of the suggestions that you should try to eat healthier this Thanksgiving.  Are you looking for assistance with your insurance needs this holiday season?  If so, then contact the experts at VGW Walker Insurance in Texas.  We are ready to get you covered today.