Hidden Hazards For Your Pet

Hidden Hazards for PetsKeep your pets healthy and happy by keeping them away from these hidden hazards.

There are a few things everyone knows are dangerous for pets. For example, even your little kids probably know to keep their chocolate bars away from your family pooch.

There are also some hidden hazards that you also need to defend your pet against, though! To keep your furry family members happy and healthy, make sure they stay away from these hidden hazards.

  • Although beautiful, azalea bushes are extremely poisonous for pets. These bushes contain grayanotoxin, and even a little nibble could be dangerous for a cat or dog!
  • If your pet is in pain, it might be tempting to cut up an ibuprofen to offer some release. Don’t do it! Ibuprofen hurts your pets’ stomach linings and limits the blood flow to their kidneys. Cats are extremely sensitive to ibuprofen, so make sure you keep your bottles out hidden away.
  • We know you’d never try to feed your pet antifreeze, but you may not think about that drop of it on your garage floor. The problem is it tastes and smells sweet, so it attracts pets. Always clean up carefully after using antifreeze.

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