Keep Holiday Hazards Under (Gift) Wraps

Holiday HazardsKeep holiday hazards away with these seasonal safety tips.

There’s just no denying it. We’ve officially entered the holiday season. That doesn’t just mean more parties, more to do, and more time off work, though. It also means more risks.

Avoid common holiday hazards with these tried-and-true tips to keep your season sweet!

  • Enjoy Holiday Spirits – To An Extent. As holiday parties get underway, it’s not uncommon to drink a bit more alcohol this time of year. Just make sure that when you do, you have a good plan for getting home. Also, make sure alcohol is stored out of the reach of children.
  • Shovel Safely. You’re doing the right thing by keeping the walkways around your house cleared of ice and snow, but are you doing in the right way? Help yourself avoid a back injury by using your legs, not your back, to life heavy shovelfuls. Also, try to keep good posture as you shovel.
  • Let There Be Light (The Right Way). Most people string up holiday lights, but not everyone is careful about it. Make sure your ladder is one a firm foundation and avoid the top rungs.

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