Your Holiday Shopping Safety Tips List

Your Holiday Shopping Safety Tips ListThe holidays can present a rough opportunity for shopping for anyone caught unaware of the dangers.

The holidays may be jolly, but underneath all of the caroling, holiday lights, and classic red Santa hats, there lies a danger with holiday shopping. The spike in shopping during the holidays is a criminal gold mine and look for distracted shoppers to take off with your assets or, worse, your personal property. Here are a few holiday safety tips you need to look out for to help protect your possessions and personal information.

Identity Theft Security Tips

  • Keep a close eye on your wallet and purse while shopping and make sure that they are zipped up, only unzipping when you are about to pay.
  • Bring the credit cards that you only need. Leave the cash, debit cards, and checks at home. You should not attract any unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • Review your credit card statements carefully to ensure that you didn’t get charged for anything that you didn’t buy.

Cyber Security Tips

  • If you are going to make your purchases online, make sure that you are doing so on a secure network. An unsecured network can easily be hacked and provide all of your secure information to a hacker.
  • Purchase your online items through a secure website. Big companies like Amazon and Target and Walmart, etc. all use secure servers. If you are going with a smaller third-party website, make sure “https” is at the beginning of the URL, instead of just “http”.

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