Why Home Inspections Matter

Home Inspection and Home Insurance TexasThe reason you should get a home inspection before buying your new house. 

Homeownership is a major commitment. Before you dive in, you’ll want to know to what kind of responsibility you’re committing yourself and your family. Sure, you know you like the paint color and the carpeting in your new home, but do you really know what’s hidden underneath?

Fortunately, by having a home inspection completed in advance you ensure that you’re apprised of any issues you could face when you take the keys to your new place. During a home inspection, a licensed professional will closely look over your property to pinpoint any hazards or problems.

In an ideal situation, your home inspector will not find any issues and you’ll be able to take the keys without any second thoughts. If he or she does find problems, though, you’re in the position to either have your seller complete the necessary repairs or have them discount your price so that you can cover those costs.

In short, a home inspection can save you a huge chunk of change and a major hassle. Once you get the keys to your new house—fully informed of everything that comes with them—do not wait to contact VGW Walker Insurance. As Texas home insurance experts, we’re here to help you protect your new investment.