Additional Living Expenses: An Additional Benefit Of Homeowners Insurance

Additional Living Expenses: An Additional Benefit Of Homeowners InsuranceDid you know your Texas homeowners insurance covers additional living expenses.

You’ve purchased a home insurance policy to protect your family against expense after a disaster. If you’ve thought through the whole situation, though, you’re probably a little worried about another cost that could pop up when you need to call on your homeowners insurance.

If a disaster renders your home unlivable, your family would need to find another way to keep a roof over its head. If that means staying in a hotel, you might be concerned about the expense. Don’t be! Your homeowners insurance policy contains additional living expenses coverage, which will pay for hotel costs and other expenses that arise if you’re unable to live in your home while it’s repaired.

This coverage can also help you cover the increased cost of feeding your family that comes without having access to your kitchen. If you spend more than your usual food budget, your policy will reimburse you for the difference!

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