Fallen Trees and Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Austin TXIs a Fallen Tree Covered Under My Policy?

Nearly every homeowner has homeowners insurance, but do you know what is covered and what is excluded? When it comes to trees and insurance, many individuals have no idea if they will receive coverage and just push it to the backburner.

If a tree falls on your home, in most cases the damage will be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Many individuals are under the impression that you must own the tree in order to receive coverage, but this is not the case. Often though, if your tree falls on your neighbor’s property, they may try to collect reimbursement from your insurance provider. The only expense you may be responsible for is removing the tree. Sometimes, homeowner’s insurance policies come with debris removal coverage of about $500 to $1000. However, if your policy does not, you may be responsible for the removal of the tree.

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