Protecting Your Vacation Property & Home Equally

Homeowners Insurance TexasAccounting For Your Vacation Home’s Vacancy

Homeowners who have the luxury of a vacation home often forget to provide their second home with equal protection. Despite popular belief, you cannot just purchase one homeowners insurance policy for both properties.

While you may assume that your second home experiences less risks than your everyday living space, this is not the case. Since your vacation home will likely be vacant for a large majority of the year, an accident that takes place will remain out of sight and out of mind until your next getaway. This means that you must account for the increased risk during the vacant period by securing the right coverage.

If you are now worrying about the expenses associated with holding two separate homeowners insurance policies, do not fret! Most homeowners are satisfied protecting their vacation properties with a “named perils” policy that allows the homeowner to determine what accidents and disasters their second home will be protected from, making it much more affordable.

Contact VGW Walker Insurance for all of your Texas homeowners insurance needs. We will help you secure a policy that offers equal protection to both of your properties.